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New Year, New Look!

what does starting the new year mean for you? New year for me has meant hitting this business harder than I ever have before. It has meant taking a step back, looking at what i should be doing then going for it! Already this year has started off strong! once again i teamed up with the fantastic London based events company West End on the Thames. They provide bespoke events on river boats traveling up and down the iconic thames river along side world famous landmarks. being part of their festive period is always a great experience! documententing people enjoying themselves and letting loose after the hard years work is great! and to do that in the setting of london is perfect. the icing on the cake is getting the benefit to have front row seats to the London NYE celebration. i missed out on 2016 but this year i got to see what London can really do and show it to the world!

Being in London on NYE was something a bit more special this year. 2017 was weird to say the least. Brexit was at the foreground of everybody's mind, we had another election and everyone just seemed more divided than ever! this has most certainly had a profound effect on me throughout the year. That topped with spending most of the year in an environment with people that just didn't sit right with me. as a result of that my mood has been the lowest during the later stages of 2017. id lost trust in people, lost faith in humans and more importantly lost who i really am.

what i saw on NYE is something that will stay with me for a long time. for what felt like a first 2017 i felt optimistic. as the clock counted down to midnight and the Victoria Embankment filled with people i started to notice the smiles laughter and love. i saw people from every country imaginable, every race and every religion standing side by side and getting along Harmoniously. the staff, the police and everybody else was here to celebrate! when politics is ripped down what you are left with is people who really have so much in common. they love their families, their friends and just want to live in peace. London has always been a great place of diversity and peace and after the year that London and other parts of the Uk have endured it was so great to feel part of something like that.

As is always the case with london, the fireworks were incredible and an absolute privilege to document. the most vivid memory of the night however has to be the following. As me and some of the other staff that worked that night disembarked at westminster pier we saw what can only be described as completely unexpected. Right in front of the houses of parliament must have been a group of 50 guys and girls having the time of their life, boombox by their side and dancing to you wont believe. MANS NOT HOT.(unfortunately i didn't get to capture it). To see these regular joes right outside the doors to the building that houses some of the most influential people in the world and having this much fun! that truly is freedom!!!!

coming home after that has made me feel lifted. and as such i have decided new year new look. My homepage has been completely refreshed, my prices revised and im ready to produce some top quality media this year. i have already met some great people who are going to help lift me and my business to new heights and for that i already know that 2018 is going to be a great year.

Happy new year everybody!!!


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