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What Can Drones Do For You?

What can drones actually do for you? This is a question I get asked frequently, so today I am going to lay out what I use them for and how they can benefit you. You may think they are just the latest big Christmas seller and you would be right! They flew off the shelves and many are probably now stuck in trees or in the bin. But at the high end of the tech some amazing things are happening. so here is a list of the things I do with my drone.


This is where it all started for me so once cameras were being fitted to drones it was only natural that I would expand into this. Photography and Film though is separated into its many genres so what subjects best suit drones?

Real Estate.

The real estate industry has benefited hugely when it comes to drones. Before, getting those big sweeping shots and those birds eye views were restricted to the biggest agents in the field. These were reserved for those who could afford helicopters. Not anymore! Drones have made this the standard that even the smallest of independent agents can afford. it just adds that high end feel to their marketing.


One of my main markets is the wedding industry. Drones allow me to show off the venue like never before. I can sweep in with the wide angle showing the scale and beauty of the venues I have the privilege to shoot at. They also allow me to get the shot of the whole wedding party. How cool is that! because of this I opt to use drones in nearly all of my wedding videos and photo sessions.


Another Application I frequently do is inspections. Currently something as simple as a roof inspection can cost you a lot of money in scaffolding and man power. This also comes with health and safety concerns. Drones however mitigate this risk and also offer the ability to save time and money getting the inspection done.


Drones also have the ability to use photogrammetry and GPS to build accurate 3D models and point clouds that can be imported into CAD programs or simply used as interactive models to show off whatever it is you want to show off. Take a look below!

What else can drones do?

The technology is new and constantly evolving. The next 5 years are going to explode in this industry. Just some of the developments we are seeing are incredible. wether its Amazon developing delivery drones or Facebook developing drones to supply wifi. Search and rescue teams are using them to find missing people and the police are using them in crime fighting.

I soon think that they will be carrying people and will one day eventually replace cars but we will see. sound off in the comments below and let me know what you think or if there is anything you would like me to talk about.

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