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5 Reasons NOT to hire me!

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Hey everyone! I am going to give you 5 very strong reasons why you shouldn't even consider booking me as your wedding photographer or videographer

I'm not Professional

Far from it, I like to relax I don't want to be corporate and boring to be completely honest. Sure, im fully insured, secure all my packages by contract, pay taxes and have a plan B C and Z should anything go wrong but that's every photographer right? I like to enjoy your wedding day with you, have a laugh and create amazing images. Our first meeting will be over a coffee/pint/shot talking about how you met and what wonderful things you plan on doing on you wedding night (hint: it won't be what you think you will be doing haha)

I use the proper equipment

The camera doesnt matter its the person shooting it....... hear this alot? I do! and there is merit in that for sure. I mean even the mclaren formula one team know this and that's why they still use that budget tool set they got for christmas out the argos catalogue..... I mean who wants a photographer who can match the skill with high resolution images that you could blow up across the front of your house if you wanted to! or a videographer who can shoot in 4k. you all still use VHS right?

Me on an actual wedding shoot

I waste time shooting all the little details

This one really annoys all of my clients! they always tell me when I deliver "I cant believe you shot the memorial table" or "i didn't even see those keepsakes on the napkins!" they always seem to highlight about how i've spent time covering all the little details so sorry for that!

Those socks you'll never wear again

I shoot without natural light

Unfortunately i'm one of those suppliers who doesn't refuse to take on weddings in the winter because there isn't enough light. Im one of those who still has to use the dreaded flash. Just look how horrible this photo looks with no natural light!

Twilight wedding
Disgusting use of flash!

You won't even really see me on the day.

ill leave you all with this, some of my recent feedbacks.

"Dear Paul,
Can I just say how brilliant you guys were on Saturday, so professional and not ‘ in your face’, I can’t thank you enough!"

"They captured so many moments, and I’ve never seen a photographer disappear in the background, everyone was at ease around all the guys!"

Paul is very friendly and professional and we would definitely recommend him. He is very discreet - he captured some footage that when we saw the video we realised we were not even aware he was there!

Paul has been amazing. He Captured our special day perfectly. These are memories we will be able to look back at for years to come. Will certainly recommend to friends and family. Paul you have been a superstar !


Peace xx

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